The latest flagship device from Samsung, the Galaxy S8 has heaped praised from reviewers and the media. The Galaxy S8 smartphone is one of the first smartphones to feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

As usual, when there's a flagship device introduced in the Android ecosystem, the next immediate thing that smartphone enthusiasts do, is compare the same with an iPhone. Hence, taking a look at the current generation iPhone 7 and comparing it with the Samsung Galaxy S8, the first and foremost change that can be noticed is that Samsung has got rid of the home button that also served as a fingerprint scanner.

Meanwhile, Samsung has retained the 3.5mm audio jack on the Galaxy S8 that Apple 'courageously' removed on the iPhone 7. That said, the water and dust resistance on the new Galaxy device is better than its competitor.

Android Authority has come out with a detailed comparison of both the smartphones revealing the pros and cons of both the devices. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, users are now offered various ways to secure their device including an iris scanner. However, Apple still believes that the touch ID sensor on the front is fairly enough to unlock an iPhone.

Meanwhile, another report from the Business Insider praises the display clarity on the Galaxy S8 which is better compared to the iPhone even if Apple has continuously managed to bring out great colors on their displays especially on an LCD Panel.

In terms of storage, the Samsung Galaxy S8 can also take in a micro-SD card for additional storage which isn't the case with Apple for some time now. The iPhone 7 is limited in storage up to an extent but however, those people in need of a higher capacity will have to shell more cash.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been totally revamped top to bottom with numerous changes in place compared to its predecessors. With features like VR, wireless charging, a taller body, better display, the new flagship from Samsung is a sure shot for success. Meanwhile, Apple loyalists will have to wait to check out what Apple has in stock when they release their new devices in September this year.