A list of popular companies has silently removed their Apple watch apps from the App Store. Google Maps, eBay, and Amazon have already done it without any official announcement.

Earlier, after the debut of the much-discussed smartwatch of Apple in 2015, Google Maps, eBay, and Amazon released apps and supported the device. But, currently, none of these companies offer the Apple Watch apps. In a word, a sudden twist has surfaced in the tech arena.

According to Mac Rumors, these companies have already dropped their support for the Apple Watch through their App Store updates. Surprisingly, users of this device possess no clear idea when Google Maps, eBay, and Amazon updated their apps to remove the support. That means consumers of the said smart watch are now facing a series of sudden changes.

Apple Insider reported that Google Maps' latest updates on iOS have ditched the support for the Apple Watch. Interestingly the release notes did not mention any word about this removal. Even Google uttered no words about whether the support for the watch OS will be reinstated or not. Though, recently a spokesperson for Google has revealed that the removal is done temporarily and the Apple Watch app will be reinstated later.

Earlier Amazon and the eBay included the Apple Watch support in their iOS apps. Both the companies have provided an update in the late April, but currently, they don't include their Watch apps. It is obvious that there must a valid reason behind these crucial steps by three popular companies.

It is believed that the key cause of the removal of the Apple Watch support must be the insufficient number of users of these apps. It is true that Google Maps was the only essential app that was able enough to indicate any specific direction very quickly. That means it was useful for the smartwatch of Apple.

The Apple Watch app of Amazon supported the voice-based searching and the one-tap purchase. But, both these features are more flexible in a phone or a computer. On the other hand, the eBay app for the smartwatch of Apple helped the users to track the bid statuses.

Recent news says retailer Target has also removed the Apple Watch support from its app, though the functionality is still available through its Cartwheel app. Removal of certain apps makes it clear that which apps are suitable for the wrist-worn devices like the smartwatch of Apple. Consumers still have enthusiasm about the wearable devices, but it is not yet clear what will be their next approach after this incident.