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World’s Heaviest Woman Flies To UAE For Treatment After Losing 328 kg From A Hospital In India

May 06, 2017 11:48 AM EDT

Body Transformation: Eman Ahmed now weighs 358 kg
(Photo : NYOOOZ TV / YouTube) Eman Ahmed now flies to Abu Dhabi, UAE after her treatment in Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, India. With special companions, she is now to be confined to a hospital in Abu Dhabi for further treatment on weight loss and paralysis.

Eman Ahmed, known as the 'world's heaviest woman' has been flown to Abu Dhabi, UAE for further treatment. She was having a weight of 500 kg being the heaviest woman of the world. Till now, she was confined to Saifee Hospital located in Mumbai, India.

According to Economic Times, the 37 years old 'world's heaviest woman' lost 328 kg weight before she was flown to UAE for further treatment. She has discharged around 12:40 PM IST from the Mumbai-based hospital. She was admitted to the hospital in the month of February for a treatment of severe obesity.

The 'world's heaviest woman' flies to Abu Dhabi, UAE in a special airbus, which is fitted with medical equipment. The EgyptAir cargo airbus 300, took off from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai at 7:41 PM IST. For transporting Eman to the airport terminal, a special green corridor was also created with medical facilities to take her from the hospital.

Tribune India reported that 'world's heaviest woman's' sister Shaimaa alleged the Indian doctors in the hospital weeks ago for making false claims regarding the amount of weight loss. In an online video last month, Shaimaa made allegations that she was not receiving proper treatment at the private hospital in Mumbai and Eman did not lose as much weight as it was claimed by the hospital.

However, the hospital authority strongly denied the allegation. Dr. Muffi Lakdawala, who was treating the world's heaviest woman, told the media that Shaimaa wanted an extension for her sister's stay in the hospital until the time she is able to walk again. The orthopedic specialists in the hospital already informed Shaimaa that Eman Ahmed would never walk again.

Eman, the 'world's heaviest woman', a resident of Alexandria in Egypt, had not ventured out of her home for over two decades because of her stout condition taken after by a stroke that left her paralyzed on one side a year prior. It was Shaimaa, who learned about Dr. Lakdawala and his aptitude in bariatric surgeries and moved toward him for help early this year. Eman went through bariatric surgery in the month of March which helped her reducing two-thirds of her stomach and reducing her food intake.

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