US President Donald Trump's current decision on withdrawing America out of the Paris Agreement is the considered high threat that would be discussed during UN talks this Monday at Bonn, Germany. The 11-day discussion is meant as the start of drafting a "rulebook" to guide other member countries in the practical fulfillment of the agreement that aims to stop global warming by controlling fossil fuel emissions.

Currently, the Paris Agreement negotiations are being at risk due to the fact that one of the countries that highly emits carbon polluter will pull out and throw the entire process away. Trump promised in his campaigns that once seated as the president, US will back out of the agreement as he believes that global warming is a hoax and it is just a scare tactic made by China.

"Obviously, the speculation coming out of Washington is not at the top of our minds, Maldives environment and energy minister Thoriq Ibrahin said in an interview with AFP. This is going to be the first round of Paris Agreement negotiations under the UN's climate convention since Trump won the presidential seat at the White House.

Trump's predecessor Barack Obama, with China's president Xi Jinping, led the diplomatic talk of the Paris Agreement that leads to 195 countries agreeing to the climate deal in Paris last 2015 after years of tough decision making, according to an article published in All of this effort has the tendency to be put into a waste after Trump criticized the pact during his presidential campaign.

Some critics fear that the withdrawal of Trump from the Paris Agreement would worsen the situation and dampen enthusiasm among other countries for ramping up national emissions-cutting targets. Trump said that he will cast his decision before the next G7 meeting this May 26-27 in Sicily, Italy.