Since 2013, T-Mobile offered a promo for the customers of the cellular iPads. The company provided customers 200MB of free LTE data per month.

Customers who bought a new LTE iPad from the T-Mobile were entitled to avail 200MB of free data every month. Customers can have this offer as long as they use the tablet. But, this plan is updated and as of May 7, 2017, the Free Data for Life program is no more available for the new activations.

Customers who have already signed up for the Free Data on or before May 6, 2017, can only avail the 200MB data with their iPads. It is noted that the customers can use this plan only being the T-mobile subscribers, Mac Rumors reported. That means new iPad purchasers are not eligible to qualify for this free data deal. Even it is not yet clear why the company has taken this decision quietly.

The free data plan of T-Mobile is mainly related to a particular device and not to an account. That means consumers who avail the free data with their previous iPads will not use the plan if they upgrade to a new one. So the consumers can only cherish the program with their existing iPads that have already subscribed to it.

T-Mobile is the only company that offered the free data program for the iPads. Earlier this program was introduced as one of the Un-carrier initiatives by the company. No doubt this is sad news for the iPad users who always search for this kind of lucrative offers.

Currently, T-Mobile is offering another plan for unlimited data. T-Mobile One plan is the name of this existing plan. Interestingly, customers have to pay $20 per month to avail this unlimited data deal, BGR reported.

The increasing trend of using the free Wi-Fi and the smartphone tethering enhance the availability of the cellular-enabled devices. Apple's iPads is one such device that has already gathered a huge popularity. Now it is time to see how the consumers will react to this current decision by the T-Mobile company.