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NASA Spots Cyclone Donna Has Passed Vanuatu, New Caledonia; Heading Toward New Zealand

May 09, 2017 04:56 PM EDT

Image from NASA's Aqua satellite of tropical cyclone Donna as it heads toward New Caledonia from Vanuatu on Monday, May 8, 2017.
(Photo : NASA/Earth Observatory) The tropical cyclone Donna is spotted to form in the Pacific Ocean from NASA's Aqua Satellite and escalated into Category 4 storm.

NASA has monitored the development of tropical cyclone, Donna, as it formed in the Pacific Ocean from Aqua Satellite. Now, the powerful tropical cyclone has escalated into Category 5 storm and heading toward Southern Pacific.

The tropical storm began to form in early May, according to NASA's Earth Observatory. It then slowly began to accumulate its power as it headed toward Southeast. In the early morning on Monday, May 8, the tropical cyclone Donna has become the category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 115 knots, which equal to 215 kilometers or 130 miles per hour.

Tropical cyclone Donna began to reach the peak of its power on Sunday, as it maintained wind speed above 115 knots, that continued until the dawn on Monday. The storm was recorded as the most powerful cyclone in the Southern Hemisphere this month. As it passed Vanuatu islands, tropical cyclone Donna brought down trees in the islands, damaging a church and many homes in the Vanuatu's northern province of Torba.

Fortunately, nine hours later, the tropical cyclone Donna has weakened into a category 3 storm as it slows down its spin around the islands of Vanuatu. Weather analysts expected that the cooler ocean surface would weaken the storm as it passed the Vanuatu islands and heading to New Caledonia.

However, New Zealand's Weather Watch continues to monitor the development of tropical cyclone Donna as it heads toward New Zealand, The storm has passed New Caledonia within 24 hours and the path shows that the tropical storm is on its way to New Zealand.

According to the latest update, when tropical cyclone Donna has passed another cooler ocean surface in the New Caledonia, its power and intensity weaken even more. Weather analyst expected that the storm will continue to weaken and does not make a landfall, but continue its movement southeast away from New Zealand. Watch the development of the tropical cyclone Donna below:

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