The invention addresses two important social needs of humanity concerning climate change, clean air, and generation of renewable energy. Researchers from the University of Antwerp, Belgium and KULeuven (University of Leuven) recently have that invention working to filter polluted air and at the same time produce hydrogen on the side. Hydrogen could be stored and used as hybrid fuel for buses, cars and other equipment requiring it.

For the prototype, Professor Sammy Verbruggen (Antwerp/KULeuven) summarizes how they made the trial of their invention. The use of a small device, using nanomaterials, was placed in the adjacent wall of two rooms designed and erected for the trial. One side cleans the air while the other side generates renewable energy in the form of hydrogen for fuel.

Professor Verbruggen explains that the process similarly deals with Hydrogen extraction from the water. The discovery claims that Hydrogen is even efficiently retrievable in polluted air. The gadget breaks down particles from polluted air purifying it and at the same time generates renewable energy.

The process that cleans the air and generates renewable energy is not as confusing as it sounds and looks, It only has to be exposed to light for it to operate. Sunlight is ideal for the process as it is similar to the properties of solar panels, reports Science Daily.

The difference between the invention that cleans the air and generates renewable energy and the solar panels is that the invention does not directly produce electricity. It cleans the air and generates Hydrogen. Dr. Verbruggen and his team are still on a small prototype scale. They hope to develop their discovery on a large proportion and test the efficiency of their technology and its application to industrial operations, reports Phys.Org.

The researchers also aim to develop other sources of materials that could optimize the use of sunlight during the process. This is really a big help in fighting back at climate change.