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Waze Update: New Feature Lets Users Record Navigation Instructions Using Their Own Voice

May 10, 2017 01:21 AM EDT

New Waze Voice
(Photo : Waze / Youtube) Latest feature of Waze allows users to record navigation instructions using their own voice.

Waze, the world's largest traffic based communication and navigation app has now a new feature enabled in it. A part of the latest Waze update, users can now record navigational directions in their own voices. When in need, the app will shout directions in the user's voice.

According to The Next Web, in the latest Waze update, there are total 39 phrases, which a user can record, including the most common phrases in navigation such as "Turn right", "Stop", or "Let's go"! But apart from it, there's a negative aspect of the new feature. Users will miss the hearing of street names spoken aloud if the user is using this feature.

This can be useful for those users who are more comfortable in hearing their own or some other person's voice while navigating instead of using the computerized Waze voice. The new Waze update can also be used for playing a prank to anyone. For any users, if the programmed voice is very difficult to understand, then the new update can be beneficial for the user.

Life Hacker reported that the new Waze update is now available on Google Play. Users can update the app from the play store easily without any hassle. At present, already Waze has programmed voice of Terry Crews, Mister T, and Keith Morrison, but it is totally the user's choice whether to use their own voice or to hear the pre-programmed voice.

The latest Waze update will be automatically downloaded and installed to that user's phones that have enabled the auto update feature for the app. For those, who have not enabled the feature can manually download it from the Play Store. The recorded voice cannot be shared, but who knows in future Waze allows that too. Waze is additionally working with Disney to help the promotion of the upcoming Pixar film Cars 3. Waze users can change the presence of their car inside the application to that of Lightning McQueen or Jackson Storm from the movie, as a part of their update.

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