Recent fossils analysis has found that primitive hominids could have been living with the modern human in Africa. Scientists announced the finding from their analysis of the African hominid fossils on Tuesday.

Based on the thorough analysis from African hominid fossils found in Rising Star cave complex in South Africa, scientist found that hominids may have been living alongside modern human in Africa. Scientists announced their finding on Tuesday, May 9 as reported by Mail Online.

The findings will change the understanding of human evolution, according to USA Today .The African hominid fossils were found in 2013 in the Rising Star cave complex, around 30 miles (50 kilometers) northwest of Johannesburg. A team of 20 scientists from laboratories and institutions around the world have dated the fossils and concluded the fossils are millions of years old.

"That implies that as our species arose, it arose with others," a researcher from the University of Wisconsin, U.S., John Hawks explain the African hominid fossils. "There were a diversity of hominid species in Africa occupying these environments during what we had considered to be a critical time period of modern human origins."

The African hominid fossils found in South Africa is known as Homo Naledi, a species which was previously believed to be the early species of homo sapiens. The findings of the African hominid fossils that proved Homo Naledi and Homo Sapiens lived side by side will change the theory of evolution.

Previously, the theory of evolution believed that modern human or homo sapiens is the result of million years of evolution from the earlier species, including Homo Naledi. However, the discovery of African hominid fossils in South Africa, and the findings that showed they live alongside the modern human exhibited an intertwined between Homo Erectus and Homo Naledi. Watch the report of the findings of the African hominid fossils below: