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Top 5 Cool Voice Changing Apps For iOS, Android That Will Make Your Call Conversation Fun

May 12, 2017 06:00 AM EDT

Some voice changing apps are free, some are not as other apps are also available on Apple Store but not on Google Play Store.
(Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images) Voice changing apps are designed to allow users to prank their friends during voice calls and have fun with them.

Voice calls may be boring sometimes but thanks to voice changing apps, a conversation could turn upside down. Apps to change voices is also a fun way to have a conversation over the phone. However, some downloadable voice changing apps aren’t free.

According to Digital Trends, the top voice changing app downloaded by smartphones users is called Call Voice Changer which is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app has a service price of $1 for 3 minutes to and offers up to $40 for 170 minutes.

Funny Call / Minion Prank Call is identified to be one of top voice changing apps. The Funny Call app is said to be the app name for iOS while the Minion Prank Call is for the app on Android Google Play Store. The app offers 30 minutes for free but turns into $1 for 3 minutes up to $20 for 160 minutes.

Appolicious also shared some funny voice changing apps as well. Voice Changer Plus is an app mentioned to contain a total of 55 voice effects and background sounds. Yet, the Voice Changer Plus app couldn’t be applied in changing the voice of a person over a call. The good thing is that the app is free. A video displaying a demo of the app could be seen below.

Call Voice Changer IntCall – Make Funny Phone Calls! is then described to be the funniest app to download in changing voice during calls. The IntCall app has garnered over 8 million views already upon release. The catch is that as the person uses its trial version, paying $0.99 per five minutes is required already. The app offers a variety of sound effects like toilet flush, animal sounds and more. Choosing a foreign language is catered in the app as well.

The last was stated to be an app named "Celebrity Voice Changer – Funny Voice FX Soundboard Free." The service of the app goes by its name which allows users to change their voice into Walter White, Darth Vader and other famous celebrities. The app is offered for a $9.99 but has good reviews.

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