AMD will soon unveil their new generation of AMD Vega graphics which is a next generation product from the manufacturer. In the past, several reports have hinted the new cards to perform excellently, even overthrowing some of the existing graphic cards from its primary competitor NVidia. While the company has seen some amazing success with their Ryzen processor launch, all eyes are now on AMD with people anxiously anticipating the new products.

Going into details, a report from WCCFTech reveals two lines of code in the Linux driver for AMD Vega chip indirectly confirms active support for dual liquid-cooled graphics. Time and again, Linux drivers have been the ultimate source to find out more about AMD's upcoming products even before their actual reveal. The open-source code thanks to Linux drivers have been added by the developer recently.

Additional information from the website also speculates AMD Vega launch event will take place as early as May. 16 itself. The new Vega chips will be unveiled in less than three days from now. Key features of the new graphics lineup include HBM2 technology with twice the bandwidth per pin. Due to the second generation HBM technology, it will have a capacity of 8x per stack.

Details from Segment Next seems to point out that AMD has silently brought out information the same way for their previous products. Their report also suggests that a dual liquid cooled AMD Vega graphics will be very interesting to look at, in terms of their hardware benchmarks in various tools.Earlier reports has revealed AMD will be facing a shortage of hardware supply for their new product due to the expensive HBM2 manufacturing

Now that AMD Vega product launch is happening right this week, the internet is full abuzz with excitement especially since Nvidia has completed their consumer lineup for 2017. AMD will now face a grim situation due to the shortage of supply when they know the demand for their new products is exceedingly high.