Cupertino-based prolific smartphone manufacturer Apple will be unveiling a new set of flagship smartphones like the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and the iPhone 8 which will be available for purchase beginning this September as per previous reports. As known by now, Apple will be celebrating their tenth year anniversary of selling their iPhones which are why the smartphone industry now believes, Apple will be redesigning the upcoming iPhone 8 smartphone.

Previous reports from MacRumours have mentioned that Apple has been testing numerous prototype devices, with different designs. A major concern for the manufacturer has been the implementation of the touch ID sensor that's key to Apple's iCloud that it offers users with enhanced security. While the touch ID sensor also authenticates the usage of a person, it also helps in purchasing services without the need of a hand-typed password. As reported by Business Insider, the new iPhone 8 smartphone is expected to cost a whopping $1000 according to Goldmann Sachs.

Apple as always likes to price their hardware insanely which is why they have a massive cash reserve but considering the hardware implementation and a new display onboard the iPhone 8, the price might seem justified. Apple is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers whose devices are still popular in the markets mainly due to the excellent user experience offered. That said, Apple also posted a loss in iPhone sales recently indicating a change in the smartphone trend which is mainly migrating to the Android ecosystem.

Reports from BGR indicates that the price of $1000 for the iPhone 8 is in fact for the base model that might most probably be offered with a 64B of onboard storage. The website also speculates the possible hardware onboard that include a 5.8-inch bezel-less OLED display with no home button in the front.

The question remains whether Apple will meet the market demands for the iPhone 8 since popular KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo clearly states that the Fortune 500 firm is facing a shortage of supply of materials required for production.