Apple will be bringing the most sought after app to the Windows 10 Store by the end of the year. The iTunes app is already on Apple's platform but bringing it to Windows store will make it easier to access for those who want to download it.

As Apple brings iTunes to Windows 10 Store, Microsoft will have positioned itself to an advantage as it is one of the software that the Windows Store lacks. There are other key apps that are not found in the Window store like Google Chrome's browser and Spotify. Companies who want their products present in the Windows 10 Store has to comply with its strict regulations.

iTunes is often on the search list of surfers worldwide. Having Apple brought it to Windows 10 Store will increase the usage of Windows 10 and could bring sales up. It also took a long time for this decisive move but it is all worth it. Windows is working out to have Windows 10 efficiently operating with smartphones and tablets on Google Android Software and Apple iOS. Mobile devices seem to be the trend now instead of PC's left at home.

With Windows 10 efficiently functioning on mobile devices, iTunes will be present whenever a Windows 10 Store exists. The OS makes it even more accessible for iTunes on these mobile gadgets, as reported by The Verge.

Microsoft is going to need other popular apps like Adobe's various apps and Google Chrome Browser. If Google intends to have its app on Windows 10 Store, it has to revise its browser to meet Microsoft's strict compliant policies. It looks like that the Google Browser will not soon be seen on the Windows 10 store. There is not a sign that Google intends to put the browser there, reports Mac Rumors.

Apple intends to have the iTunes delivered to as many users as possible. This will complement the Windows 10 Store with all the other apps in it.