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Human Teeth Can Now Unveil The Facts About The Relationship Between Human And The Sun

May 23, 2017 01:55 PM EDT

Teeth on a model denture set are reflected in a dental mirror on April 19, 2006 in Great Bookham, England
(Photo : Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images) Researchers have recently developed a method that can help to know the human teeth properly in order to explore the relationship between the human and the sun.

Facts about the relationship between the sun and the human exist inside the human teeth. Hidden clues under the enamel can now answer to many questions with a unique method.

Important information regarding the relationship between human and the sun has so far been locked inside the human teeth for a long time. A team of researchers at the McMaster University is working jointly with the colleagues in France and Quebec and explores a new method, Phys.org reported. They reveal the potential of this new method related to the said relation between the sun and the human. Megan Brickley, the McMaster anthropologist and lead author of the study, utters significantly about this method.

Brickley revealed that a proven resource is now available that could bring the definitive answers to important fundamental questions. Questions about the early conditions and the movements of the human populations and Vitamin D's importance for the modern populations now have the definitive answers. So, human teeth currently play an essential role to provide many vital facts.

Current Anthropology reported that researchers first time in 2016 revealed that dentine bears the permanent record of the deficiency of Vitamin D or rickets. Actually, dentine is a material that helps to form the bulk of the tooth. Now dentine's new layers can't mineralize at the time of severe deficiency and this ultimately leaves microscopic markers. Scientists read these markers like the rings of a tree and this indicates the acute importance of human teeth.

The said markers can unveil the human adaptation story when the early man from the equatorial Africa moved into the lower-light regions. These markers can also explain the changes occurred in skin pigmentation in order to metabolize more sunlight. It even helps to uncover how the indoor living has damaged the human health. No doubt the team of researchers has now prepared a method that can thoroughly search the human teeth to know significant facts.

So far no reliable source can measure the deficiency of the Vitamin D over the time. But, new method proves its potentiality in understanding the health condition that currently affects a huge number of people. With the help of the modern and ancient human teeth, scientists can now successfully measure the health condition.

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