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China Is Slowly Commiting To Green Awakening After Ignoring It For Years

May 24, 2017 04:22 PM EDT

Air Pollution Hits Parts Of China
(Photo : VCG/VCG via Getty Images) A study by the University of Oslo has said that China is slowly being a "green" country after ignoring the problematic air pollution for years.

China is known as one of the countries with the biggest emission of carbon dioxide around the world. But in one study, it is observed that Chinese people are finally being aware of their environment in various ways like downloading apps as a tool for political activism.

In a study published by the University of Oslo, Professor Halskov Hansen said that the heavy air pollution in China has led to its citizen to be more environmentally conscious. He also said that the growing number of apps now help them to check the local air quality.

"American monitoring stations had started to publish the results of their air quality measurements in Beijing and increasing numbers of people were starting to ask what was actually happening," he said in his study. According to Mette Halskov Hansen, a researcher focused on Chinese Society, the prevailing thick smog wag observed during Winter in China, particularly in Beijing and other cities in the North. With this, people became conscious.

From being a phenomenon that was not addressed by people in China, the problems in their environment is now one of the top priorities, the study said. Now, school children in China could tell that "PM 2.5" means that tiny particles in the air which are deemed harmful to the health when it entered the lungs and the blood system.

In an article published in Phys.org, humanists, social scientists, and atmospheric chemists are currently working on an Airborne research project that would understand air pollution and what it means in China. It is for both politically and for the people who will live with this kind of air.

"We have put forward the hypothesis that the air pollution which hit northern China during the winter of 2013 became a game changer for the whole country and since then greater priority has been placed on the environment and climate and the population has become much more interested in the problems involved," Halskov Hansen, one of the researchers for this study, said. Moreover, they also said that local regulations that would cater the environment are being implemented in some towns in the country.

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