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Verizon Unveils Its 4G LTE SmartHub That Could Control Smart Products And Make Home Connection Much Easier

May 28, 2017 10:45 AM EDT

Verizon set to unveil its 4G LTE SmartHub
(Photo : David Ramos/Getty Images) Recent news says that Verizon unveils its 4G LTE SmartHub that could control smart products and make the home connection much easier.

Verizon is making a bold move of innovating its products. The company is improving its devices most especially it's 4G LTE product to be suitable for consumers use. Yesterday, it announced its latest product, the 4G LTE SmartHub, that will surely make the home connection for loyal users much easier with an added support for smart home devices.

Verizon is a multinational telecommunication company that offers wireless communication products and services. Currently, it is the top wireless communication company provider in the United States beating other companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Its 4G LTE Network is one of its famous services and the company is planning to expand it to major cities in the US.

Now, Verizon is bringing its 4G LTE connection to the next level as it reportedly will be supported by a powerful device. The new device will be beneficial and most helpful for Verizon's 4G LTE subscriber as it will be boost by a new kind of feature and wireless capabilities. What's the new device will bring to loyal patrons of Verizon?

According to Digital Trends, just recently Verizon announced its newest device the 4G LTE SmartHub that will manage smart home devices of its valued customers. The new SmartHub will be linked to a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and will be connected to a home controller that will enable it to run smart home products or devices.

The 4G LTE SmartHub will sports a backup battery and a touchscreen display that will show data stats and Wi-Fi password aside from strengthening Verizon 4G LTE internet speed. It will also give Verizon's customers the capability to manage, track and control smart home devices like smartphones, tablets and even personal computers.

Droid Life further added that the 4G LTE SmartHub basically serves as a Wi-Fi router that is similar to a Sprint's Magic Box. The SmartHub will also come with a new Verizon Home app that will also control other smart home products like smart lights, locks, thermostats and others. It means that the app is linked to products from home and electronics company like Aeon Labs, Fibaro, and Phillips.

Customers can get the 4G LTE SmartHub at the price of $199.99 or through the installment of $99.99 for two years. But Verizon will charge $30 as an activation fee and an additional $20 if customers decide to have an add-on smart product.

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