Archaeologists have recently discovered eight horse images in the Xiangshan Mountains in China. The images are carved into the rocks.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, eight horse paintings are found in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China. The horse images are carved into the rocks and specifically located in remote area of the Xiangshan Mountains. The Mountains are close to the Zhongwei city.

The former curator of the regional museum, Zhou Xinghua, noticed these horse paintings in the area of the Xiangshan Mountains. Zhou found them at the time of surveying the nearby rock paintings. The former curator revealed that the horse images were mainly carved in the hard bluestone.

The important thing is carving in the Bluestone is not an easy task. Among the eight paintings only one is above 1.5 feet long and 20 cm tall. Zhou stated that this is one of the largest ancient rock images that are so far discovered. Apart from this one, the other horse images belong to 17 to 36 cm long.

Zhou utters that rock paintings were a necessity during the ancient times. Though the job was very difficult, people continued this trend. The analysis is not yet done to calculate the date of the horse images. But, the majority of the existing rock paintings that are close to the area have confirmed that they must be Neolithic or Paleolithic.

So far spots of total twenty-three rock paintings have been discovered since the 1970s in the said Xiangshan Mountains. This number includes the revelations of the new area. It is a true fact that the horse images bear great importance from the archaeological perspective. A number of recent important archaeological discoveries in China uncover many valuable facts and information.

A few weeks ago in April 2017, a Lord Buddha statue of the 12-foot-tall was unearthed in another important Chinese city, Fuzhou. The idol was discovered when the Hongmen Reservoir water level was lowered as an important part of the hydropower construction project, Archaeology reported. Like the above-mentioned horse images, this discovery also unveils much important information.

The important thing is in addition to the revelation of the Buddha idol the underwater archaeologists also noticed the evidence of the temple. The researchers are now documenting the popular Ming Dynasty to explore more information related to the discovery of the Buddha statue. No doubt this is a rare but a valuable discovery like the horse images.