Reports about the leaked iPhone 8 blueprint and schematics are headlining the online news as of late. Latest news is saying that leaked images have revealed some of the key features of Apple's upcoming flagship smartphone for this year. So, what do the leaked images says?

Apple is a multinational technology company that is recognized for designing, developing and selling hardware electronic device, computer software, and online service. For the past years, the giant tech company built a decent reputation in the consumer electronics industry by producing top-tier devices. And for this year, the company is set to launch its flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8.

Following the release of the Galaxy S8, many believed that the iPhone 8 could easily match up or even surpass what Samsung's flagship handset had offered. Earlier reports even said that Apple tried to conceal the characteristics of the device to give the smartphone some mystery before its release. But it appears that the mystery is not a surprise anymore as blueprints of the said device leaked online.

According to 9to5Mac, latest iPhone 8 schematics and case design have leaked online revealing some its key features. The blueprint substantiates the full-screen facade of the device and the vertical dual-camera design. It also features an elongated power button and the missing home button just like the previous leak image of the said iPhone.

The alleged schematics of the iPhone 8 also uncover the edge-less left, right and bottom side of the device while the top side appears curved in to make room for the camera and earpiece. If the leaked image is true, the whole front of the device will be covered with an overwhelming OLED screen display making it an exciting feature.

The leaked schematics of the iPhone 8 also shows no fingerprint sensor as per SlashGear reported. It is long been debated where will Apple placed the Touch ID sensor and it seems that the device might not carry the fingerprint sensor at all due to the design issue.

The job of placing the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 8 has been an ambitious task due to the reported full-screen face of the device. Some say that Apple might place the fingerprint sensor at the back where the logo is located but it looks like the leaked blueprint says otherwise. For now, the schematics appear to be sketchy until Apple some details of it.