Tech giant Apple has recently announced the watchOS 4, the next version of the Apple smartwatch platform. This new watchOS 4 brings a set of new features.

The latest watchOS 4 includes the Siri-based watch face, GymKit, fitness features and many others. Users of the Apple smartwatch can avail new major Activity upgrades, new Music experience, and a list of Workout updates. Apple's chief operating officer Jeff Williams reveals that the watch will be more intelligent with the new watchOS 4, Apple Newsroom reported.

The Apple watchOS 4 brings new Activity upgrades. The users can avail the intelligent coaching and the tailored encouragement through these upgrades. Every morning the Apple Watch will notify the users about the time when they will be close to earning an achievement. Even it will provide suggestions to make improvement so that users can match the activity levels of the previous day.

The latest watchOS 4 brings another significant feature GymKit. Apple reveals that GymKit will enable the customers to pair the Apple Watch directly to some cardio equipment, like indoor bikes, elliptical, treadmills. A single tap will help the Apple Watch to communicate with certain equipment, and vice versa.

Major updates of the Workout app are also available through the watchOS 4. The updates include the important heart rate algorithms and a new motion for the HIIT or the High-Intensity Interval Training workouts. According to Mac Rumors, Apple also brings the auto-sets necessary for the pool swim workouts.

Many users perform back-to-back workouts. With the watchOS 4, they can combine multiple workouts to get the overall time and calorie measurements. The watchOS 4 offers the new Siri watch face that is powered by the machine learning. This feature helps the wearer to have the dynamically updating notifications from certain Apple apps, like Calendar, Alarms, Maps, Reminders and many others.

The new Apple watchOS 4 delivers the redesigned Music app that can offer better music-listening experience. This Music app will be able to sync automatically to "My Favorites Mix", "My New Music Mix", and others. In a word, the watchOS 4 brings a series of unique features to the Apple Watch.