The Apple Homepod speaker has been officially out in the market. The speaker is known to be focused on great quality, but it is so much more expensive than Amazon and Google's smart speakers making it a disappointment.

Apple's one last thing announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference is the company's new HomePod speaker. GSMArena reported that the speaker is finally out and as its name implies, it is all about the music.

The Apple HomePod features seven inches tall speaker with seven tweeter array located at the bottom. Furthermore, Apple has designed the HomePod speaker to be quality focused with a 4-inch designed woofer up to the top with auto bass EQ. It even has six microphones that are trigger phrase on activation every time it listens for the "Hey Siri."

It is powered by the Apple A8 chipset making it a real-time acoustic modeling with multi-channel cancellation and audio beamforming. Plus, the Apple HomePod speaker includes features for unit conversion, messages, news, reminders, alarms, timers, stock info, translation, traffic info, general knowledge, sports scores, works as HomeKit bridge among others.

At the same time, the Apple HomePod speaker is a sensitive and spatially aware of its surroundings for it tries to detect the features of the room and blend in the output accordingly. The HomePod also has the capability to identify different parts of a song and likewise focus the sound just to give its user the best listening experience.

However, according to Vox, the only thing that makes the Apple HomePod speaker a little disappointment is its extremely expensive price. Its competitors, the Amazon Echo can be purchased at only $179, while the Google Home is only $129. Consequently, the Apple HomePod speaker is priced twice the two at $349.

Basically, Apple is popular with its products which always double the prices of its competitors and the Apple HomePod speaker is not different from the rest. Meanwhile, the company hopes that the sound quality of the HomePod speaker will be sufficient enough to earn loyal customers.