The much-anticipated iPhone 8 is getting a huge attention once again in the news. Leak schematics of Apple's flagship smartphone for this year together with iPhone 7s Plus are spreading online taking great interest from iPhone enthusiasts. So, what does the latest leak reveal and what its difference to other existing iPhone handset already in the market?

Apple is a multinational technology company that designs, develops and sells consumer hardware devices, computer software and online services. Every year, it is expected that the giant tech company will release fresh high-end gadgets and/or products. This year, many anticipate that the successor of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is ready to be announced, the iPhone 8.

It appears that people will not be denied as numerous reports and even speculations about the iPhone 8 are going viral right now. From the smartphone's detailed specification up to its rumored design, it seems that everything has been revealed already. However, Apple has been quiet about it and never confirm anything regarding the said device existence.

Now, other fresh leaks about Apple's rumored flagship handset are taking the headlines of news today. According to BGR, leak schematics of the iPhone 8 together with the iPhone 7s Plus has slipped out online and claims that it is the final design of both devices. Source of the schematics came from one Twitter user @VenyaGeskin1, who is known for leaking details of the Apple devices.

The user first posted a drawing which appears to be an iPhone 8 design that depicts the same design that was previously seen online. It seems that the smartphone will have the same current design of the iPhone 7 which is a 4.7-inch screen display. However, the handset might also feature a 5.8-inch OLED screen with slimmer edges on its sides.

Meanwhile, a second drawing which said to be the upcoming iPhone 7s Plus revealed that it mostly keep the same design aspect from its predecessor (iPhone 7) according to Gadgets 360. It will have a horizontal dual camera and the dimension of the phone is 158.38x78.1mm. The remarkable part of the iPhone 8 and 7s Plus drawing design, it apparently doesn't feature a Home Button and any bezel in the front. But the drawing is not the final product yet and both elements can still be included.

With the alleged design already out, sources are saying that the mass production for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s Plus together with a third handset, the iPhone 7s, have begun. With that, many speculate that it could be well on its projected release date of September this year.