A new crystallized form of DDT had been discovered by a team of scientists. The new DDT is said to be safer and is even more effective as compared to the existing forms of insect killer.

NYU reported that a team of scientists had discovered a new crystallized form of DDT that is more effective against the existing forms. The research appears in the journal Angewandte Chemie pointing out the development of the new pesticide.

According to Laboratory Equipment, DDT was known as a pesticide which had been used to change the way how people lived in the postwar era. It's the product used by the first chemist in winning a Nobel Prize due to its effectiveness for it kills not only the parasites and insects as well as the diseases it carries such as typhus and malaria.

However, the DDT was banned in the U.S. in the year 1972 due to its negative effect on the environment. Now, the new crystallized form of DDT is confidently introduced by its researchers for it is even more effective and safer to use this time as per investigation of the New York University chemistry investigation.

Author Michael Ward commented, "The finding is a surprising one as, for decades, DDT crystals were thought to exist in only one form." Ward further stated that the new knowledge for the new crystallized DDT had opened a door for future development to a more effective and safer form.

The formation of the crystals had been identified by the team of researchers through observation of its formation of the crystal form which made them came up tweaking the method. So, to test and prove the efficiency of the new crystallized DDT, it was tested on fruit flies.

The new crystallized DDT after being sprayed to an object had formed deadly crystals that when touched, walked or land by the fruit flies ended its life. The experiment had proved that the new DDT is then more effective even in smaller amounts as well as its toxicity to humans was found reduced.