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Snail Slime Beauty Product Storms South Korea, Booming US Market Potential

Jul 24, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

Snail Slime for Skin Care Treatment Application on Face
(Photo : Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Skin Care products had been incorporated with snail slime or secretion filtrate that is released by snails under stress. Treatment moisturises and softens skin.

Snails are famous as delicacies served in French restaurants all over France and the world. The French word for snail is "escargot" and it has made its entry into the skin beautification treatment long before the South Korean beauty aid phenomenon. It was first discovered by the Bascunan family from Chile when they were trading with French wholesalers in the 1980s.

Snails have more to offer than just an exotic recipe

The Chilean family snail business was not a lucrative one but somehow they found out that there is more to snails than just exotic menus. They discovered that when the crate handlers carry the containers of the snails, they get wounded due to metal bruising of the skin; snails were utilized to cure the wounds. The workers used the snail slime, now known as "secretion filtrate" to expedite the healing of cuts and grazes on their skin. The application of the snail slime became famous till its incorporation to beauty products in the form of creams and skin care solutions.

In Thailand over 4000 spas offer the snail skin therapy to individuals who want to shed a few years of their facial image. While other people enjoy the delicacy of these gastropods in their tables, some beauty fanatics feel the sensation of the slimy creatures inching around the face to the tips of their noses leaving tracks of snail mucus, reports the Guardian.

Koreans was taken by storm of the snail slime skin care beauty regimen

Koreans always find new ways to enhance their beauty through therapeutic skin treatments. Snail slime did not go unnoticed as it fell on Koreans which they took by storm. Secretion Filtrate or snail mucus has these nutrients and antioxidants that pamper a glow of a younger look.

When the snail slime treatment was introduced in South Korea a decade ago, it was immediately accepted by the market with its educational advertisement to moisturize and soften skin, said David Tyrell, an international skin care analyst at the Mintel Group Ltd.

US Market of skin care solutions with Secretion Filtrate

US retailers are now promoting the products with mixtures of snail slime in them. Korean beauty products now include snail mucus solutions and are up on the shelves of Target, CVS Health Corporation, and Ulta Beauty Inc. stores, reports Bloomberg.

Target has it on display in its 850 stores nationwide while CVS has loaded its 1,200 retail stores all over the country. CVS reported that the launching of snail slime products in partnership with K beauty products had been very successful with positive customer feedback.

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