A recent report has suggested that Apple has penned a deal with LG to produce batteries for the 2018 iPhone. LG will produce the L-shaped battery for the iPhone 9.

People are currently discussing the iPhone 8, but new reports about the 2018 Apple iPhone 9 has begun to surfacing. According to The Korea Economic Daily, LG Chem will provide the batteries for the iPhone 9 to the Cupertino based tech giant Apple. A chemical industry official has uttered significant words on July 20 about this fact.

The official says that LG will provide all the iPhone 9 batteries that will land in the second half of 2018. To serve this purpose LG has invested a huge amount of money, 100 billion won. The Korean tech giant will begin producing the L-shaped batteries from early 2018.

Popular tech company LG will produce the L-shaped battery only for Apple. This specific design will be very helpful to save the space of the iPhone. It can save the space on the lower part of the iPhone's right side.

The Cupertino based tech giant has so far received the supplies from different companies, like Murata Manufacturing of Japan, Samsung SDI. ATL of China and LG also played a significant role as suppliers. But, so far no one has brought the new L-shaped battery, and LG is the only tech company that will produce this battery.

According to My Fix Guide, another Korean tech company Samsung mainly paid attention to produce batteries that are rectangular shaped. The majority of the other smartphone manufacturers have also followed the same path. They also adopted the rectangular shape for the batteries of their handsets. LG will be the first to bring the L shape design for the batteries.

The New L-shaped batteries of LG will produce a great advantage. This L shape can increase the battery size, but this will not increase the size of the handset. The bigger size of the battery will enhance its capacity and simultaneously must increase the charging speed.