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Motorola To Release Car Camera With 1080p Video Recording Support

Jul 27, 2017 12:31 PM EDT

Motorola Car Camera
(Photo : UV Tech Talk / Youtube Screenshot) Motorola is reportedly working on a car camera, which will be launched in the next few days.

Motorola is reportedly preparing a car camera that will be launched in the next couple of days. Currently, there is no name specified for the car camera but there are some leaks and reports which claim that it will be capable of recording videos at 1080p.

This unnamed car camera has been developed by Motorola Accessories, which is a division of a British company called Binatone. The accessories division of Motorola Mobility was acquired by Binatone back in the year 2015 and now it is also in charge of most Motorola-branded home products, as reported by The Android Soul.

According to the leaked image of Motorola car camera, the device features a very stylish look. It comes with a 4-inch screen with the resolution of 480×854 pixels. The camera will come equipped with a wide-angle lens and it will be capable of shooting 1080p full HD videos. Moreover, it has a motion detection feature that will help users to park their cars easily. The camera is also said to offer a microSD card slot, according to Motorola Fans.

For the pricing part, the upcoming Motorola car camera will reportedly available for $99. While it will be at first launched only in the US, the camera is also expected to be available in Europe too. 

Notably, it is not the first time Motorola will be launching an automobile accessory. A few months back, the company has entered the automobile accessories sector by launching the Dash Cam MDC100. 

It has a capsule form which is almost closer to a portable device. On one side of MDC100, there is a 2.7-inch LCD screen surrounded by physical buttons. On the other side, there is a 120-degree angle lens and an image sensor capable of recording 1080p Full HD video. This camera also boasts a microSD card slot. 

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