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Europe Experiences The Wrath Of The Heat Wave ‘Lucifer’

Aug 07, 2017 10:19 AM EDT

Two dead as 'Lucifer' heatwave holds Italy, eastern Europe in fiery grip
(Photo : Protect Mother Earth / You Tube) Two dead as 'Lucifer' heatwave holds Italy, eastern Europe in fiery grip. Swathes of southern and eastern Europe have sweltered in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, in a heatwave nicknamed "Lucifer", which has killed at least two people across the region. Italy and the Balkans were worst affected, though areas as far north as southern Poland also basked in abnormally hot temperatures, and European weather hub Meteoalarm issued its highest grade "red" warnings for 10 countries. At least two people have died from the heat — one in Romania and one in Poland — and many more have been taken to hospital suffering from sunstroke and other heat-related conditions. In Albania, 300 firefighters and soldiers struggled to contain as many as 75 forest fires and the country asked the European Union for emergency help.

Europe is experiencing the impact of a new heat wave called "Lucifer". On Friday the temperature measured more than 40-degree Celsius in several parts of the eastern and southern Europe.

The two worst affected states by the heat wave in Europe are the Balkans and Italy. Areas of another state Poland also exposed to this abnormal temperature. According to Reuters, Meteoalarm, the European weather hub, has already issued "red" warnings for ten countries.

Many people were admitted to hospitals after suffering from sunstroke and different heat-related problems. Due to the extreme temperature in Europe, two people also died one person in Poland and another person in Romania. Another European state Albania craved for emergency help from the European Union. This state battled to control 75 forest fires as three hundred firefighters, and soldiers tried their best to tackle the situation.

Firefighters were busy in other states in Europe, like Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Serbia. According to Mail Online, Macedonia and Greece have already declared a state of emergency. Several wildfires in these two parts are still out of control. Authorities have asked people to drink more water as the temperature could remain the same 40-degree Celsius in the next week.

The Red Cross volunteers visited the elderly and homeless persons across the Europe. Health Coordinator for the important International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies in Europe, Jeya Kulasingam, uttered significantly about this situation. He said that this tremendously hot weather must be very dangerous for the people with several health problems, like high blood pressure, asthma, heart problem. The situation is crucial for the children and the older people.

Due to severe heat in Europe, the Italian wine growers are facing a stiff condition because of this high temperature and started the grape harvesting. Famous founder of the International Slow Food movement, Carlo Petrini, stated in the newspaper La Stampa that he never saw this act so early. He wrote that the important grape harvest never started before Aug. 15.

The Italian authorities have already issued warnings related to weather risk for 26 important cities that include Rome and Venice. On Friday the authorities shut down the popular Uffizi art galleries because the essential air-conditioning system could no more work properly. Polar bears at the Budapest Zoo in Hungary were provided big ice block and watermelon that were ice-cold. In a word, several states in Europe are experiencing the wrath of the "Lucifer".

The Italian authorities also reported three deaths due to the violent storms as a result of the heat wave. Around fifty percent lower rainfall was measured in Italy, and the increasing temperature has engulfed the entire country. It seems Lucifer is engulfing the south Europe with its increasing heat wave.

This extreme heat wave affected the Bosnian agriculture that covers ten percent of the state's economic output. Serbia also faced the same situation, and experts opined that drought could hamper the soybean and corn production. The temperature reached to 32-degree on Friday morning on the Adriatic coast in Croatia that includes Dubrovnik, a vital tourist hub. It is quite clear that the Europe swelters under the grip of the severe heat wave "Lucifer".

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