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Seven Most Inspirational Places for Interior Designers

Mar 12, 2019 08:40 AM EDT

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The main job of an interior designer is to incorporate inspiration and function to their client's home. While some clients have something in mind, most would rely on the expertise of the interior designer.

As 2019 started, the trend of culture-inspired interiors is all that homeowners and designers could talk about. While reference researches are very useful for finding the perfect design inspiration, Vivid Travel suggests a different and more exciting approach to this trend. As one of the most popular tour operators, Vivid Travel has come up with a list of the best places that interior designers, whether newcomers or long-time professionals, can surely soak up inspiration.

First stop is Vietnam. The heritage town of Hoi An features the most inspiring hand-painted bowls, vases, and plates. Their colorful lanterns are sure to catch one's attention. Many designers turn to these pieces as their recommended conversation starters.

The tours operator suggests Peru for those who are in search for that perfect combination of colors fit for a kaleidoscope. Aside from the captivating rugs and oven tapestries, Peru also has a picture-perfect view of their Rainbow Mountain. 

India is on the list particularly for the historic Indian markets of Rajasthan. Here, ethnic art and silk throw variants that showcase the country's rich culture can take over a designer's scene. 

A traveler's home will be complete with hand-made furniture and some graffiti from South Africa. Vivid Travel recommends the neighborhood Maboneng in Johannesburg for its creative and artsy atmosphere where the designers can take some artisan carvings home to their clients.

Homeowners would be delighted when their designers decide to incorporate some Batik art from Indonesia in their designs. The hand-dyed fabrics from Java are as stunning as they are intricate.

Interior designers are leveling-up on diversity features for their client's homes with Maori carvings from New Zealand. There are also other activities in the country that is sure to fire up a lot of inspiration. Vivid Travel suggests exploring the country's traditional arts which are still being practiced up to the present. These arts include carving, weaving, and of course their traditional tattoo arts, moko. 

Designers would agree with the tours operator that Aboriginal art from Australia is the perfect accent for their modern interiors. The suggested place to visit is Mossman Gorge in Queensland.

With the suggestions by Vivid tours and the creativity of the designers, home interiors of the year 2019 are sure to take a colorful, flavorful, and a culture-rich twist.

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