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Spring is Coming: Lay the Bricks

Mar 15, 2019 08:12 AM EDT

bricks on accent wall
(Photo : Mark McCammon)

March 20 marks the start of spring for the year 2019. This season typically calls for renovation as the past season, winter could be tough at times. For some homeowners, they would have to deal with busted pipes, damaged woodwork, or frozen over landscapes. In any case, as the sun starts to shine brighter, the temperature rises, and the snow melts into dews, people start to stretch out from their "hibernation" and tend to these damages. People would usually repaint their walls, redo their walkways, and re-stake the fences. This has been the pattern for as long as anyone can remember.

However, people are more practical nowadays and are employing ways to avoid these yearly repetitive renovations. One building material recommended is the basic brick.

Using bricks in renovation works are starting to gain popularity once more as the material is one of the time-tested classics. It definitely has the looks and the strength to last the yearly winter frosts.

The low price of the material jumps to the top of the list when practicality is the topic. For a small amount of money, anyone can purchase truckloads of bricks that can cover any surface imaginable. Some would fancy having brick walls, brick walkways, and even brick-laid water wells and fire pits! 

Bricks are very low-maintenance. These are among the most durable building materials as seen in very old buildings that are made of bricks. Aside from that, the color of bricks does not fade. The combination of durability and color retention means that homeowners won't have to play do-it-yourself every springtime. They can just relax as there would be no need to repaint, straighten dents, or replace rotten planks.

As observed, insurance companies offer lower rates for homes with brick exteriors because these homes are most likely fire resistant and water resistant. Not only that, these are lightweight and would surely stay on vertical surfaces for a very long time.

For these reasons, more and more homeowners are opting to go with bricks, whether it is the main feature or just a decorative accent.

Mascioli Brickyard of Mascioli Construction is one of the companies in Canada that offer professional services for designing and installing brick setups. The company also has kits that could be purchased by homeowners who prefer to do the renovation themselves. The company has done a number of beautiful brickwork including exterior walls, fireplaces, pathways and driveways, patios, pools, and retaining walls.

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