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Osaka Opens Third Gundam Cafe

Mar 15, 2019 08:13 AM EDT

Gundam Cafe at night
(Photo : Ominae)

Gundam is a fictional gigantic manned robot in an anime series introduced in 1979. Its popularity over the years has continued to grow even in countries outside of Asia. 

Currently, on its second life-sized Gundam statue, the popularity of the character in their culture prompted for two cafés based on the much-adored anime character. 

The popularity of the anime series has resulted in a high level of appreciation and patronization from fans when Gundam Café opened in Tokyo.Even though the cartoon which these cafés are based on revolves around a giant robot, the cafés are relatively small. One of the two Gundam Cafés opened a shop near Akihabara Station and has a cramped interior. The other one in Diver City entertainment complex caters to non-dining and to to-go customers only. There are no tables on this café which stands right in front of the 19.7-meter-tall Gundam statue. This doesn't stop the fans from keeping the cafés busy.

Fans are especially excited because of the new announcement that the third Gundam Café will open in Osaka, the city famous for its love of food and fun. The café is designed to be more spacious and would cater to more fans and customers.

The Dotonbori neighborhood will surely be more a more colorful and lively urban landscape with the addition of the Gundam Café Osaka. Dotonbori is best known for its lively dining scenes, a canal that shows of the city lights at night, and its collection of many colorful restaurant signage. Gundam Café Osaka will be able to cater to both to-go orders and sit-down customers. The branch will also offer an extra-extensive menu featuring more than 36 food and beverage options. These include coffee with Gundam latte art, tapioca bubble tea, and some Gundam themed food such as the Char Zaku Curry.

The colors black, red, and white make up the Gundam Café exterior in Osaka. The same colors are used in the two cafes in Tokyo and are, of course, based on the character itself. The building is accented with red and blue linings that are expected to light up at night. The exterior will also bear the iconic red and white horns Gundam logo. The Gundam Café will occupy the second floor of their building. A shop selling Gundam merchandise will also open up in the same building. The much-awaited café will start operation on March 20.

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