Apple has finally unveiled the AirPods 2. In the same week as the iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 2019 and updated iMacs, the truly wireless headphones has also been an upgrade. 

They carry the same form factor as the original AirPods, and have undergone a few improvements underneath the hood. They look much the same as the current version, which has proved to be a popular design considering how often you can find an AirPod user on public transport.

Inside the earphone is Apple's new H1 headphone chip that should allow for faster and more stable wireless connection. Apple claims performance will be 2x faster when switching between active devices and that the new AirPods connection time for phone calls will be 1.5x faster.

There is a small LED indicator light on the outside, matching the image spotted in the iOS 12 beta, serving as a useful way of gauging how much charge is left.

What else has been confirmed? Qi wireless charging has been added to the list of features. While we've not yet got our hands on the charging case, pre-release rumours suggested charging would be very fast, from 0 to 100% in fifteen minutes.

Siri voice control has also been added. AirPod users can now say, "Hey, Siri" and make it easier to change song tracks, make a call, adjust the earphone's volume or get directions.

Apple AirPods 2 - Charging case:

Recent Apple products have made the move into the wireless charging arena and the new AirPods have followed suit. They now support Qi wireless charging, with the case capable of storing an impressive 24 hours of charge

However, people are still awaiting word on the long-rumoured, much-touted AirPower wireless charging mat. It was thought to be going on sale at the same time but they weren't announced with the new Airpods. Reports had suggested that some changes have been made to the mat from its initial reveal, with it being a bit thicker than before due to the implementation of an internal 8-7-7 coil configuration.

 The first-generation AirPods have a respectable seven out of 10 from gadget enthusiasts, with the main criticism being that Apple left the people wanting more in the audio department. It is hoped that the second generation of the AirPods could offer more in that respect.

Apple AirPods 2 - Release date and price:

The new AirPods come in a number of different configurations. You can get them for the same price as the originals at $159 with the standard charging case. 

Or you could purchase them with the new wireless charging case for $199. 

You can buy the wireless case by itself for $79. They're all available to buy on the Apple Store now and in Apple Stores soon.