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SpaceX Successfully Launched World’s Most Powerful Rocket

Apr 15, 2019 10:51 AM EDT

Rocket Launch
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SpaceX has made another breakthrough in rocket technology. It has successfully launched its most powerful rocket yet. The best part is that the booster that it used successfully landed back on earth. Indeed, this is another momentous event in the science of making rockets.

The Falcon Heavy rocket is not making its way into space in the first ever commercial mission. A huge part of the plan includes establishing a regular private launch up into space to accommodate those who are not astronauts but those who want to see beyond what the earth's atmosphere offers. The space company of Elon Musk wishes to make this type of space explorations more cheaper by landing the rockets back safely on earth each time. By then, people won't be paying for the entire rocket launch, knowing that it will be back on safe landing on earth after the scheduled exploration in space.

This time, the rocket that is out there is carrying with it the Arabsat. It is a communication satellite that aims to collect as much data as it can. This satellite is also considered the rocket's first paying customer. The lift-off happened in the Kennedy Space Center if NASA in Florida. Just eight minutes after the launch, the rocket was already able to land the first stage of its boosters in Cape Canaveral. They landed side by side as it did during the debut of the rocket launch last year.

The core booster, on the other hand, landed on an ocean platform that was hundreds of miles off the shore shortly after the first boosters landed. This is the only part of the mission that was missed. "What a truly amazing day!." exclaimed the SpaceX flight commentator. "There are three for three boosters today for the great Falcon Heavy. This is indeed an amazing accomplishment!"

The Falcon Heavy soared the space on the space pad that was used during the launching of Apollo 11 to the moon more than half a century ago. The beaches and prime viewing spots nearby were jam-packed with people who wanted to witness this historic event. They were not just eager to see the launch, but they wanted to witness the successful comeback of the twin boosters. It was indeed a rare and dramatic moment for everyone.

The rocket that was sent to space as the upgraded version, that's why the chief of SpaceX, Elon Musk, cautioned that there might be glitches in the process and that things can go wrong. "But everything went well and that's what we are most happy about," Elon said. The SpaceX employees at the company headquarters in Southern California cheered for another milestone. The rest of the world is waiting closely for the next big one.

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