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Old Farmer's Almanac Says Pink Moon Should Be Expected on Friday

Apr 17, 2019 09:42 AM EDT

Artist Rendition of Pink Moon
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Artist Rendition of Pink Moon

This year's full moon for the month of April is happening on the 19th, Friday, at 07:12 A.M. EDT. Referencing the Old Farmer's Almanac, the month's full moon is also given the nickname "pink moon."

Since The Old Farmer's Almanac started publication in 1792, readers have been eager to check on forecasts on weather, planting charts, and astronomical data that are printed in the reference book's pages. It also has sections with recipes, articles, and some of the year's prediction on fashion, home, food, living, and technology.

For April 2019, the periodical states that the Earth should be graced with a "full pink moon." However, to curb the expectation of moon watchers across the globe, April's pink moon is not actually going to appear as a moon that is colored pink. Instead, the said full moon happening on Friday marks the blossoming of the North American flowering plant called "wild ground phlox," also known as "moss pink." The full moon has long been a reminder of blossoming flowers, especially during early spring.

This is not the first time that the moon is given a moniker that doesn't reflect its physical appearance but rather the phenomenon in nature that its phase corresponds to. For example, the past Full Worm Moon did not have the moon appearing in the sky resembling a worm but about the same time, worms emerge from the soil. Later this year, a Full Strawberry Moon will be observed but it doesn't mean that the moon would appear resembling a massive red fruit with seeds over the Earth.

April's moon is given other names, depending on which natural phenomenon is observed in one's locale. The month's full moon names include "fish moon," "egg moon," and "sprouting grass moon."

Even though the full moon will be at its peak by 7:12 A.M. EDT, watchers are advised to start viewing the sky by the night of April 18 when the full moon will be nearly at its peak, since by then, the sky would be dark and the full moon would be easier to see.

Some beliefs reference the pink moon as the best time to kill weeds, thin and prune crops, mow the lawn, cut down timber, and plant crops that are below ground.

The full pink moon is a recurring phenomenon and was also observed during the previous years all over the world.

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