Jul 17, 2019 | Updated: 10:03 AM EDT

Filipino Professor Unlocks the Secret to a Pain-free Life

Apr 30, 2019 06:59 AM EDT


With the development of the natural biomagnetic method by a Filipino professor came the long-awaited breakthrough in the fight against pain. Already more than 14,000 people have got rid of 41 types of pain, degeneration and inflammation of the spine, joints, muscles, cardiovascular system and internal organs, and only within 28 days, regardless of the cause. As a result, they have stopped poisoning their bodies with drugs, spending huge sums of money on rehabilitation, and waiting in line at a doctor's to get help. This method, in just eight minutes, allows to restore normal lifestyle even to those who have lost hope of eliminating pain. How is that possible?

Professor Ramon Katalbas, an expert in molecular biology and biomedical engineering, decided to help his mother get rid of sciatica and severe rheumatic pain. This triggered a revolution in the battle against pain. The professor, after one year of advanced research, has developed a natural, safe and easy to use method with the application of biomagnets.

Professional medical journals have already dubbed the new pioneering method of discovery, and the professor was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his achievements. His method not only alleviates pain and completely eliminates the causes, but also cleanses the body of toxins, initiates oxygenation and cell nutrition. That is, the method that completely eliminates all inflammation, corrects the functioning of the organs, and also helps to lose weight. The key to this method is based on the unprecedented combination of useful acupressure, along with the latest biomagnetic therapy.

"Painkillers are poison, rehabilitation does not help at all-it's money thrown in the wind!" says Prof. Katalbas

Painkillers carry only temporary relief, destroy the digestive system, poison the body, exhaust the health, and part people with their hard-earned money. The same applies to rehabilitation, to which the body also becomes dependent. On the other hand, Professor Katalbas biomagnetic method works instantly and non-invasively. The biomagnetic impulse penetrates rapidly through the tissue affected by the pain and instantly short-circuits the pain signal. The pain is instantly removed and its resurgence is blocked once and for all - no visits to doctors, no prescriptions, rehabilitation and humiliation.

Moreover, by natural stimulation of certain receptors, the cells of the body are automatically restored. As a result, inflammation, degeneration, pain, and swelling disappear. The biomagnetic method showed 98 percent efficacy in people with perennial rheumatic and arthritic pains and even sciatica. As it turns out, the method helps to lower cholesterol by several units, reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It also counteracts serious liver, kidney, heart or lung problems.

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