The condom firm Skyn launched a "baby blocker" to prevent you from seeing adorable pictures of newborns and toddlers on your social media feed. The Chrome plugin will sense images posted on your Facebook account that contain babies automatically, it will then replace the cute images with a different image.

In a press release of Skyn, the sexual wellness company, said that the high-profile recent birth could lead to an increase in the number of baby pictures that are posted on social media. The company is referring to the birth of Harry and Meghan's baby boy Archie Harrison. 'Everyone shares in the joy of the arrival of a famous baby and relish seeing the images released across social channels,' said Jeyan Heper, CEO of LifeStyles, the company behind Skyn.

"Numerous baby photos are being shared every hour on Facebook and this is bound to increase over the coming weeks. 'Sexual wellness company Skyn has launched a simple free‐to‐download Google Chrome extension, allowing people to opt‐out of the predictable frenzy of baby photos, following a much-awaited birth.

The Baby Blocker gives Facebook users the option of blocking baby photos on their feed. We want people to enjoy sharing photos of their cute bundles of joy, celebrity or otherwise. On average, parents share 1,500 pictures of their little darlings from the moment they arrive to the age of five, which for some people might be a little bit too much. The Baby Blocker was created for them: a simple and fun way to swap baby photos in your feed for images of other things you might like." Heper said.

Here is how the application works, Facebook automatically detects the composition of each image uploaded by a user in your social media feed and produces simple descriptions for the image by identifying its elements, such as "people smiling", "three people", or "baby".

The Baby Blocker Chrome Extension searches for these descriptions and other post content, to be able to determine if the post contains babies or toddlers. If a baby or a toddler is detected by the extension, the HTML of the Facebook page is immediately altered to block the post with a different kind of image.

Skyn said in a statement that they thought about this extension in order to make people more comfortable in doing casual, protected sex without having to think about the consequences and one of these happens to be having a baby.