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Sonos and IKEA Launch Symfonisk Line of Multi-Purpose Speakers

May 12, 2019 10:57 AM EDT

Symfonisk Collection
(Photo : allroundpc)
Symfonisk Collection (Screenshot taken from video "IKEA SYMFONISK - WLAN-Lautsprecher mit Sonos Sound")

Nowadays, consumers are more practical and demanding at the same time. They are now expecting more out of a single item of purchase. For example, most consumers now prefer a chair that can double as storage.

During the Milan design week of 2019, various lines of furniture's and home appliances have been launched to answer this new demand in products.

One of the notable exhibits is a line of speakers that showcases the collaborative work of IKEA and Sonos.
Both the furniture giant and the leader in wireless audio systems have worked together to create a pair of hybrid speakers that would each double as a different homeware item. The collection is called Symfonisk. One of the pair is a speaker that doubles as a table lamp and the other is a rectangular speaker that could be used as a bookshelf.

Since Sonos has a well-established wireless sound system, both Wi-Fi enabled speakers are compatible with the said sound system. The sleek design and appearance of both items make it effortless for the new speakers to blend into the interiors of a home.

Björn Block, the business leader for IKEA Home Smart at IKEA Sweden stated that creating atmosphere and convenience are central in the creation of IKEA home Smart concepts. Block then added that the Symfonisk Collection is perfectly designed to fit IKEA's Home Smart concept.

The furniture giant, IKEA, is always on the lookout for ideas that could improve life in every home. Block stated that by integrating technology into the design of their home furnishing products and solutions, the company can better contribute to such improvements.

The Symfonisk table lamp has been described as "the loudest table lamp ever". The new lamp design features a rounded form with a light diffuser at the top. Of course, the base is a speaker. Buyers can choose between a gold light diffuser with a black speaker lamp base or a white light diffuser with a light gray speaker lamp base.

IKEA explains that the lamp combines light and sound into one product in order to aid in decluttering the home as there would be fewer devices and chords necessary.

On the other hand, the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker is wall-mounted and rectangular, giving the users several options of whether it could be mounted horizontally and serve as a bookshelf or position vertically and used as a bookend. The bookshelf speakers are available in black or light gray.

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