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Experts Give Tips to Remember When Buying Headboards

May 14, 2019 07:41 AM EDT

Upholstered Headboard
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When a person enters the bedroom, the focal point is the headboard which makes it an important element that should be carefully considered. The bed accessory is not just installed for display or to give the room a stylish effect.

When it comes down to it, knowing the way that consumers use the headboard would help designers to come up with appropriate designs for the element.

For example, if the users are reading or watching TV in bed then a padded or an upholstered headboard is appropriate.

There are several design choices for headboards. This includes upholstered, leather, wooden, and metal headboards.

If the main concern for the consumers is the comfort that a headboard could bring, then an upholstered headboard can create a striking statement. A variety of covers include bold and patterned fabric, with colors from plain blush pink to gray neutrals, even button designs could be chosen.

Bedrooms with a sleek, modern look are best accentuated with leather headboards. However, leather can be cold. This could be an opportunity for the designer to include some extra pillows.

Country style bedrooms and other traditional schemes are calling for wooden headboards. Some have intricately carved designs that certainly complete an eastern inspired look.

An upcoming trend in minimal style bedrooms is the chic and urban feel that metal headboards bring.

There are also options for detached or freestanding headboards. This item is for consumers that have already purchased a separate bed. However, when choosing headboards that are freestanding, it is best to check out the bed's fittings before buying a headboard unit.

As with size, there are different heights that are available. If the users are tall, some headboards might not be high enough for tall people. In contrast, for children, headboards that are as high as an adult's won't be necessary.

However, it is advised to choose a headboard that is wider than the bed. Experts recommend finding headboards that should be two inches wider than the mattress on either side.

Some headboard designs that are recommended by experts for 2019 include La Redoute's Tio rattan retro headboard, JD William's Penelope printed budget headboard, KD Loves' Isabella patterned headboard, Atkin & Thyme's Atika white carved headboard, Cuckooland's teak and hand wooden leather headboard, Loaf's Dozer (buttoned) headboard in Tuscan pink, and Oka's handmade King Palmette headboard.

Depending on the style, the headboards are priced from as low as £79 to £1150.

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