Jun 26, 2019 | Updated: 09:24 AM EDT

Climate Crisis Gets Satellite Help For Monitoring

May 22, 2019 07:43 AM EDT

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Revolution in air pollution monitoring is coming. A new satellite will be launched to help keep track of the greenhouse emissions of power plants all over the world. These emissions are damaging to the atmosphere and to the continued efforts to save the planet. Every large power station is the world will be monitored and the data collected will be done and delivered in real time.

Watt time, a non-profit emissions reduction software company, has developed the project that will utilize a network of satellites to measure the carbon emissions created by power companies all of the world. Since this group of satellites is global, everyone involved in the production of air pollutants will be accountable. The data collected will then be made available to the public.

Google.org, the philanthropic wing of the large company Google, has provided the project a grant of $1.7 million to push it forward and make things possible.

Watt Time stated their goal which is "to use the data collected to hold the power plant accountable for its actions or non-action to the calls for reduced gas emissions. It will also be used to move the advancement of new technology to reduce gas emissions." The company will also be in collaboration with other non-profit companies to help interpret, use and make public the data that will be collected.

"There are far too many power plants in the world that downgrade their reports concerning the emission of air pollutants. But through this new technology, the coalition of small non-profit organizations like ours will be able to lift this seeming secrecy veil at once," said Gavin McCormick, the executive director of the firm.

"To be able to pinpoint the powerful players that are accountable for the increasing amount of harmful gases in the air feels pretty incredible. Perhaps what I would love to see is when governments, environmentalist, and companies all over the world take our side," McCormick added.

McCormick expressed that it has always been their group's desire to take this advanced data gathering technology out there to finally make those responsible truly accountable for how they destroy the environment. the system promises to deliver not only a detailed list of the emissions but also an accurate list every time.

The new satellite system promises to deliver the possibilities of the future today. When it rolls out across the globe, it is only then that the world will truly see change.

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