Jun 24, 2019 | Updated: 08:43 AM EDT

The Truth About Tiger Farming In Asia

Jun 07, 2019 09:42 AM EDT

(Photo : Pexels)

In a distance one could hear the tigers roaring and for Karl Ammann, it was the sound of animals calling for justice. He stood there in a remote village as the night was slowly coming down. He was there to meet a man who is known to killed more tigers than anyone else in Laos. Ammann, 70, is a Swiss national that considers himself a conservationist. He has been trying to stop the trafficking of critically endangered animals and dedicated his life tracking down a known tiger butcher by the name of Nikhom Keovised.

He began by setting up cameras inside a tiger farm once known for being the largest tiger farm in the world. The farm has been performing illegal operation. On one end of the farm is dedicated to raising tigers while the other end was meant for their slaughter. Keovised is the man who has been responsible for slaughtering tigers. Ammann once heard Keovised said "Just use an anesthetic before you cut the neck. Then, peel off the skin." 

Now, Keovised has re-establish himself again by building yet another farm of tiger conservation by the Vietnam border. Although the front of the business acts as a santuary for tigers, Ammann suspected it was only a facade and the true operations are slaughtering the tigers for their skins to be sold over the world.

But the familiar intensity has had Ammann think twice about what he has gotten himself into. His friends would describe him as obsessing over these animal cruelty movements. Regardless Ammann just couldn't help it and believes those responsible for such animal cruelty should be held responsible.

The tiger population are dwindling to near extinction. What will happen to the world without them? While the sole purpose of the santuary is to protect and revive the tigers operation, it may seems the tigers may have also lost their safety blanket.  

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