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1980s Style Aquariums are Taking Over Interiors

Jun 17, 2019 11:36 AM EDT

Fish with bright colors
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Trends come and go as time rolls out. These trends could be anything that catches attention and product patronization for a period of time. 

While some trends are no longer in fashion, there has been a noticeable re-appreciation of some old trends. For example, fitted jeans are being used and marketed once again. Other trends seen today that are being revived to thrive are music genres from the 1950s and the industrial revolution lifestyle of steampunk.

In interior design, there is also a trend that was famous back in the 1980s and is currently making its way into various modern interiors. New York experts have reported that there has been a noticeable rise in the demand of aquariums that characterize the colorful 1980s era.

Angela Dimayuga, the head chef of Mission Chinese in its first New York location, has asked her boss, Danny Bowien if a fish tank could be installed in the restaurant's dining room. 

Dimayuga grew up going to Cantonese restaurants, where she saw various types of aquariums with various types of fish. The head chef pointed out that the restaurant has a very 1980s feel already. Dimayuga then suggested to her boss that installing a tank with live fish in the restaurant only made sense. 

Being given the green light, Dimayuga has commissioned Chen Chen & Kai Williams to work on the acrylic pedestals for the aquarium tank that was installed between the cream colored banquets. The aquarium enthusiast also filled the tank with tetra fish, which has hints of neon colors.

Seven years have passed since Mission Chinese has opened with the addition of a 1980s themed fish tank. 

According to Emily Kamelhar, since then, there has been a steady increase in the demand for fish tank installations across the city. Kamelhar works for Okeanos Aquascaping, the company famous for installing a "skylight pond" in Brant Foundation, which has recently been reopened.

Other grand installations of aquariums across the city through the past years include a 120-gallon tank filled with blue-green chromis and yellow tangs known as Sea Witch, a nautical inspired dive located in Greenwood Heights; and a naturalistic and Japanese inspired aquarium known as the Blue + Black, a Carroll Gardens barbershop.

Recent installations include a 450-gallon tank installed in the newly reopened Playboy club and a slightly more subdued L-shaped version of the same proportions which was installed in La Mer at Saks Fifth Avenue.

This has prompted manufacturers and suppliers to come up with a way for homeowners to have a stylish Reagan era style aquarium which they can build on their own. Retail outlets have been supplying different parts and pieces that would fit the trending aquarium style.

Some of the merchandise available is a full fish tank kit that can hold 20 gallons of water which comes with the filter, a net, and a preset heater. Consumers wanting to own this type of tank and would like to look for the Aqueon brand aquarium fish tank kit.

Noel Rose, an aquarium expert, recommends the aqua illumination prime LED light under the brand-name Hydra Prime HD LED light fixture with black casing as this fixture simulates the moon.

Other items include artificial corals for tank decorations that come in different colors and shapes, which has contributed to the lowered count of harvesting live corals. A 1980s tank would not be complete without the multicolored simulation plants, barnacles, and shells that can adorn the domesticated waterscape. Glow in the dark aquarium beads and multicolor Fluorescent gravel also brighten up the vintage-inspired fish tanks.

Enthusiasts of the 1980s style fish tank recommend fish that are also flashy and colorful to fit the theme. This would include the red band parrotfish, flame back angelfish, albino Cory catfish, purple short spine pincushion urchin, and gold Dojo Loach. Experts recommend that research be done before taking home any type of fish.

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