Jul 22, 2019 | Updated: 09:46 AM EDT

Free Apps All Dog Owners Should Download On Their Phones

Jul 08, 2019 08:36 AM EDT

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For dog lovers, pleasing their beloved pet is the number one goal. Aside from the traditional way of training and playing with them, there are applications that will make your life easier and will keep your god healthy and happy.

Having a dog is a full-time job, whether we admit it or not, so having applications that can make your dog parenting life easier is a must. Whether your goal is to find a pet-friendly destination, track your dog walks or just capture a perfect dog selfie, there is a right application for you, and they are totally free.

Here are some of the free applications that will make you the best dog owner.

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is a must-have for all dog owners. It can help keep your dogs healthy and happy. This application, offered by the American Red Cross, offers legit veterinary advice for all kinds of emergencies that could happen. It is not a replacement for veterinary care of any sort, you should still contact your emergency vet if there is a problem, but it can help guide you in what to do in a multitude of situations, plus they offer advice on things like behavior, administering medicine easily and more.


If you have a question about your dog's health, training, nutrition or anything else, then PetCoach is the perfect application for you. It lets you go straight to an expert with your questions, as it offers 24-hour access to certified veterinarians, dog trainers, animal nutritionists and other experts who are there to give you advice any time of the day or night.

Pet Care Services Finder

If you are looking for resources for your dog, whether it is a vet, a pet supply store, a dog park, a groomer, or any other service, Pet Care Services Finder helps you find everything available near you, offering up contact information on a wide variety of services as well as the distance they are from your location. You will be armed with information wherever you go, and you can call businesses straight from the application.


This application lets you go on a vacation with your dogs as it gives you a comprehensive list of pet-friendly hotels, as well as other destinations that are dog-friendly, like restaurants and parks, so you can plan a full vacation with your dogs and not have to worry about deep-searching the internet for a place that will allow your dog to stay by your side.

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