Architects often have a principal to live by. Some of the most famous ones are "less is more" by architect Ludwig Meis Van der Rohe, and "Form ever follows function" by architect Louis Sullivan.

Augusta Pownall, Dezeen's design editor has chosen quotes dropped by architects in 2018 that sums up the current scene in architecture and design.

First on the list is a quote by architectural historian Beatrice Calomina who organized two bed-ins this year. The said assembly was modeled after John Lennon and Yoko Ono's famous Amsterdam Hotel honeymoon. In a statement, the architectural historian said: "sleep has become work, hard work". Calomina wanted to emphasize a person's relationship with their bed. The architect explained that the nine-to-five trend in working has been dissolved as more people are now attached to their phones, affecting the separation of work and home.

Designer collaboration Neri&Hu said, "European consumers think Chinese design is about copying." Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu pointed out that the appreciation for design and architecture in China is growing extremely fast. They pointed out that there is creative support from the Chinese government. The duo added that many designers are now educated right in China rather than studying in the west before returning to the country to develop a vernacular style.

"Historically, architecture has not been promoted in communities of color," said architect Michael Ford. According to the architect he has observed that minority communities are being held back from architecture and design. Ford pointed out that this is not due to lack of interest. Currently, Ford is running camps that encourage children from minority communities to take an interest in the building industry.

David Adjaye said, "it's all about the money now". During the world architecture festival in Amsterdam, Adjaye stated that architects have a responsibility to the people that use the buildings they design. He added that architecture should be a melting pot of ideas. However, there are many instances that a meaningful result is hindered by the amount of cash involved.

Lastly, "Hardly anybody can name another woman architect" was said by Beverly Willis, a 90-year-old architect and filmmaker. Willis observed that most people would fail to name another female architect despite the fact that women are now taking on some of the most prestigious projects in New York.

While these might seem like ordinary conversational phrases, there is a sense in these words that convey a realization to the listeners. These phrases could even inspire an architect's or a designer's next works.