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Experts Solve Small House Dining Area Blues

Jun 22, 2019 04:46 PM EDT

small dining area
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The small home trend has been continually on the rise in many parts across the globe. This is because the of the minimalistic approach it embodies. However, there is more to just occupying a small space.

More effort is needed than just rearranging furniture to fit the space. In many cases, the dining area has been totally scrapped, especially if space is limited and priority is given to other spaces.

Experts say that there is no need to disregard the need for a dining space, no matter how small the dwelling is. Experts added that there are tricks to make a small space look bigger and at the same time increase the flow of traffic. Not only will this increase storage but it will do so in a very small footprint.

Experts recommend for homeowners to look for a nook which can accommodate dining for two to six people. If not, it is still encouraged to put up a place for breakfast. Even if the said space is a small studio unit, the nook can be as simple as the kitchen counter with barstools. It can even be a small corner with a table.

Experts remind homeowners that during the search for dining tables, it is suggested to opt for a small dining table with simple table legs. As for the seats, clean and simple lines are better than heavy legs, so that there will be more floor space available. Simple furniture legs keep the segment of the house uncluttered. They added that minimalist chairs can provide function without overwhelming the space. The experts, however, pointed out that the chosen table should still be appropriate to the available space. For example, oval tables can provide easy movement around the table while a narrow rectangular table can fit into narrow rooms. Other experts recommend using a bench seat against the wall as this can maximize the available floor space while providing more available seats

The layout of the room can be used to give a feeling of decongested space. For example, placing the table adjacent to a window can provide an expanded view that alleviates the feeling of being crowded in a small room. Experts also suggest a floor to ceiling curtain which can make a room seem like it has a higher ceiling. If there are no windows, an oversized mirror can be used to create an illusion of space.

Experts added that the most important factor is to establish a proper place for dining which would eliminate the dilemma of sharing a meal with the household or not.

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