People suffering from Crohn's disease is under an incredible amount of pain, but a new plant-based diet is opening up doors for a full remission. This is according to a recently published study involving a man who is in his late 20s and has been suffering from Crohn's disease for years before making the big switch to a plant-based diet. When he gave up eating processed food and only ate plant-based meals, he went into remission and is on his way to complete healing.

The findings of the study was recently published in the journal Nutrients. The researchers explained that the patient underwent a year of intravenous treatment for more than a year, but it has not alleviate the situation. However, the patient showed gradual but positive change in his condition when he made the switch to a plant-based meals. He was under religious observation for the plant-based diet for a period of 40-days.

The patient used to suffer from fatigue and severe abdominal pain and within that 40-day period, all of which completely disappeared. Due to the comfort it provided, the patient decided to continue with the plant-based diet, which the researchers described in the study as completely devoid of any form of animal products or any form of processed foods.

The diet plan included legumes (peace and lentils), whole grains, fruits and vegetables. According to the report about the study, the patient's Crohn's disease entered into its full remission and he has experienced a full-mucosal healing. The patient was not able to experience any form of relapse while on a plant-based diet. It was reported that he also stopped taking medications.

The researchers are trying to find precise reasons for the remission the patient experienced because of his exposure to a plant-based diet, but the results remained unclear. However, they pointed out that the high fiber content of the plants included in the diet may have been the reason behind the positive change. It was beneficial for the patient that his body was able to make good gut bacteria that helped promote good health.

Past researchers have proven that the consumption of processed food and red meat causes organs in the body to be inflamed. Continuous eating of such foods may exacerbate the already inflamed parts of the body.

Though the reasons behind the cure remains unknown, scientists believe that the positive results of eating a plant-based diet is undeniably helpful in alleviate the patient's Crohn's disease.