The increase in carbon content in the atmosphere has made the temperature levels all over the world to greater heights. It has led to major shifts in weather conditions that have brought the world devastating results. The increased incidents of flooding as well as the growing concern for heat waves, the wildfires that happen around the world has afflicted many communities. 

Fifty years after humans have set foot on the moon, the idea of coming back to learn more has remained a rather enticing idea. The commitment to make it happen is fueled by people's desire to discover more about the moon and perhaps develop the possibility of making it a second home for humans. This is a classic example of the fact that people can achieve a lot of things if they set their mind to it. The spinoff of technologies has indeed improved the lives of people in more ways than one. 

So why should people not do it again -- that instead of chasing after something at the astronomical level, they work on improving the lives that people have here on Earth? Why should the world look into technologies they could help develop to finally put an end to climate change. 

"We choose to explore the moon, not because it was easy, but because it promised to be so hard.the challenge is one of the things that people are so willing to take and so anxious to postpone. Landing on the moon became a reminder that man's every intent for an exploration is to win," said President John F. Kennedy in his speech with the Rice University in 1962. 

In the current political climate, there is a huge problem at hand. Human activities have generated more greenhouse gases that affect the future. A small yet determined community have expressed their concern to the federal government. Now, they are putting together many ways to address the problem of climate change. 

Although it may seem as if some groups refer to climate change as a hoax, its implications to the living conditions of people could only speak of the reality it creates. Now, people will have to address these concerns to ensure that any solution they try to put an end to climate change is not going to get the rate faster. 

"It is time for us to accept that the problem on climate change is the real challenge of our time," said Michael Bloomberg in a recent event in Beyond Carbon campaign. "It may be a shot to the moon, but it is the pond," he concluded.