INDIA -- Chandrayaan 2 is now ready for its relaunch since the first one scheduled in July 15 of this year was cancelled. The officials say that they had to cancel it an hour before its scheduled take off because of a technical glitch. Insider say that the technical snag was due to a fuel leak. 

"The Chandrayaan 2 is now ready to take a lot of dreams to the Moon. It is not stronger than ever!" says the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). A rehearsal of the launch was successfully made, the agency representatives said on Sunday. 

The mission will be launched using India's strongest and most powerful rocket. The Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) Mklll. The spacecraft will have three essential components -- the rover, lander and an orbiter. Under the plan for the mission, the orbiter will be circling the Moon  for a year while its lander will be touching down the lunar South Pole. The rover, on the other hand, will be carrying out the planned experiments for 14 days on Earth which is equivalent to one Earth day.

India, in this new exploration, remains hopeful that they would be able to find a good source of water. When they find usable water on the Moon, it will bring about a new wave of experiments to help understand if the water people think is not the same as what happens. 

The Chandrayaan is a product of the collaborative effort of old and young space enthusiasts. The building of it cost India $140 million, which is practically smaller compared to the amount spent by other nations with similar missions. When this launch becomes successful, India will join Russia, China and the US in the list of countries that were able to send their spacecrafts to the moon. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has confirmed that they are thinking of the plan to launch the spacecraft with its crew by 2022. By then, they are hopeful that everything would be set and that all will go as planned. India is one of the countries that may be least expected to engage in such endeavours in space exploration, but this move is going to put them on the map. They are the country that the world should watch out for, especially when it concerns the exploration and study of the outer space.