NASA -- The space agency has called out private companies who may be interested in investing in a "landing system" that will take the first woman to the moon by 2024. They issued this call hopeful that they'd be contacted by those who are truly interested in learning more about the moon and how its knowledge can benefit all of humanity in the long run. 

The spaceship they presented will come in a three-stage landing system for humans. It will be able to carry two astronauts from the Lunar Gateway, the lunar orbiting craft, then down to the surface of the moon. Then, the lander will then be back to its orbiting satellite, where the astronauts will aboard the Orion Capsule for the 250,000-mile space travel going back to Earth. 

"The Gateway will serve as our home base that's why it will remain orbiting around the lunar orbit. It will serve as our command and service module for all the missions to the surface of the moon," said Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator. 

"We will be using it as a port for the human landing system. And because it is moving around the lunar orbit, it gives us a better view of the lunar surface at a 360-degree perspective. It will be a good place to refurbish and refuel the landing systems when needed."

This is not a small feat to cover. It took NASA several decades to put together another team that will work on the next lunar landing. With the latest technology and a whole new pack of knowledge about the moon and the galaxy that the Earth belongs in, there is no doubt that the second landing to the moon would be more successful than the last. 

"The building of the landing system in the 21st century takes collaborative effort and support from the government and other private corporations."

The mission has been dubbed as the Artemis -- named after the Twin sister of the god Apollo. It is set to see the first woman to walk on the moon for the first time after fifty years of careful planning and building. The plans have been set just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing on the moon. The agency recently made a call to private corporations who may be interested in building the initial lander for the 2024 moon expedition. 

There has been real pressure on NASA as they have announced that the target date for the launching of the moon expedition has been set in 2024. The decision was partly a result of the spurred announcement of the US President concerning the goal of sending another team to the moon.