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Top Foods To Eat After Running

Jul 30, 2019 07:45 PM EDT

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Whether it is for recreation or competitively, part of one's wellness goal is to engage in regular exercise. Running has been proven to help improve one's health. Though much attention is given to how it is done, the more important part is the food one takes in after every run. They are as equally important as the running done properly.

Weight loss, muscle gain, or completing a long-distance run, it is important to know what one should be eating to achieve their goal. Here's a list of the top foods to eat after running.

  • If running is a favored exercise routine to lose weight, it is important to include these food items in the grocery list:

    • Beet Salad -- Beets are low in calories but a great source of fiber which makes it a really good addition to those greens. Studies show that the dietary nitrates found in beets as well as in spinach and arugula can help delay fatigue and improve running performance. 

    • Watermelon -- this favorite summer fruit comes with a few calories and is rich in two powerful plant compounds that encourage weight loss -- citrulline and lycopene. Citrulline is what help delay body fatigue due to running and relieve muscle soreness as well. 

    • Hummus -- a plant-based spread that is rich in protein for it includes garbanzo beans, chickpeas and olive oil. Instead of the usual chips to dip in hummus, it is best to use fresh vegetable like bell pepper, carrots as well as celery. 

  • If running is combined with weight training, not only does it help build muscle mass, but it helps shape the body to keep it healthy. If the goal is to gain muscles, these are the top foods to include in the diet:

    • Chocolate Milk -- This is actually the perfect post-run drink. Every glass is loaded with  high-quality protein and fast-reducing carbs intended for energy refueling and muscle recovery. Choose low-fat chocolate milk drink with a 4:1 carb ratio.

    • Protein Shake -- They've been around for several decades and have since become a popular option among runners. Whey protein is one of the best choices for a post-run drink because it helps build muscles. The body also digests and absorbs the nutrients from milk-based proteins much faster. 

    • Cottage Cheese -- It is an excellent source of calcium and protein. One cup of cottage cheese provides the body with 28 grams of protein and almost 16% of the daily calcium requirement. 

While much attention is given to running and how it helps with the weight loss, it is important to fuel afterward with the right amount of nutrients to fuel the recovery process.

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