An exciting new technology is introduced to the public and it promises to get rid of the trash with little to no waste or carbon emissions. The technology is aimed at vaporizing trash to get rid of it without any worry about the carbon footprint that the process will leave behind. 

The Sierra Energy Company is determined to tackle all the trash considered unrecyclable. These are the ones that usually end up in landfills and are combined with all the hazardous materials that only harm the environment even more. The company is currently working on the improvement of its blast furnace using the FastOX gasification technology. 

It exposes the trash to the extreme heat that can be likened to that of twice the heat of the volcano at 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. While it may seem as if this technology requires a huge amount of energy to produce such heat, the system is actually able to generate the heat simply by injecting pure oxygen content on the furnace. The carbon emanating from the rotting garbage mixes with oxygen in the atmosphere in order to create hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The steam it releases is then pumped back into the furnace to maintain the heat from within. 

The fuel created from the FastOX technology is reportedly cleaner than the California standards for fuel at least by twenty times. The best part of this technology is the part that all the gases that are generated from the process are carefully collected for reuse. For example, the gases include those that can be used to replace fossil fuels that make airplanes fly. Other gases may also be used to create ethanol, hydrogen or even as plant fertilizers. 

Earlier in the week, Sierra Energy Company announced that they were able to close the $33 million deal as part of the Series A investment to further develop the system and make it commercially available. The goal is to provide municipalities particularly landfills to help convert the trash into something more useful. This is another form of renewable energy that promises to help make the world a better place. 

"The world is drowning in trash. When all the non-biodegradable trash end in landfills, they produce more methane gas that is extremely harmful especially when it becomes part of the atmosphere. Methane is a gas present in the atmosphere and it is considered 86 times more harmful that carbon dioxide," said Mike Hart. He is Sierra's CEO on Energy. 

"Our FastOX gasification technology is not only cost-effective, but it can also convert the trash into something more useful like hydrogen, electricity and even diesel. We can turn trash into a product that is of more value. When this technology is combined with other efforts to reduce trash, the world will be able to meet and settle the world's trash problem, not to mention the alternative energy resource that it offers too."