Aug 17, 2019 | Updated: 07:24 AM EDT

Land Abuse: People Should Stop Now, Scientists Say

Aug 06, 2019 05:49 AM EDT

Soil Abuse
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Human activities have indeed brought a huge toll on the environment. The more that people what to do things, the more that they are able to think of the many ways they could achieve it. Their concern as to how it impacts the environment always takes the back seat. 

Soil degradation, felled forests, driven out wildlife and expanded deserts are just a few of the many things that happen to the environment due to human activities. In the midst of all these, instead of being an asset that it is, land has fallen victim to human activities that may have led to their contribution to the growing problem on climate change. 

To avoid anything catastrophic in nature, scientists say that people should stop their abuse of the land. Climate heating is caused by a lot of different factors and one of which is the fact that there are no more trees to absorb all the carbon emissions. A huge part of the land that needs to be kept intact fall under the protection of a safe livelihood act. A land that is covered in vegetation and forest areas should be kept protected by the law at all times. 

The goal is to not discount the role of the land in the survival of humans and the other forms of life. Rather, it is to acknowledge that extreme overheating of the plants can cause them to die. But with the soil, the plants are able to take in Carbon Dioxide in the air and transform it into something useful. However, scientists have met in Geneva, Switzerland, will say that when people engage in regular farming of crops including that used in planting trees for timber production are actually increasing the carbon dioxide emissions present in the atmosphere. 

In a report, the estimated amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere represents a quarter and a half of greenhouse gas emissions that comes from land use. The scientists have warned that people may have to argue what to put up in certain areas of the land with all the competing demands for land use. Everyone needs the land area for their own needs like biofuels, plant materials for fibres and plastics, wildlife, and even paper and pulp. The food for the growing population of the world is on top of all these land needs. 

The report will express the need to prioritize and hard choices need to be made. How people use the world's soil should be well thought off considering that land use and its potential pollution is going to cause more harm than good. The document is being finalized by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change division of the UN (IPCC). It will be the most authoritative report yet tackling the use and abuse of land all over the world. 

At the heart of the report is the discussion  on the land being the source of CO2 emissions or when it becomes the sink of CO2 emissions. The question of how land is used determines the role it plays in saving the planet. 

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