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Experts Share the Weight Loss Hack we have been Waiting for

Aug 10, 2019 08:20 AM EDT

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Over the years, various weight loss programs, trends, and supplements have made their way into many nutritional plans. Until now, there are still a lot of studies and recommendations regarding weight loss. However, a new theory by an expert suggests that a pattern can be seen in all these programs.

The common denominators for different weight loss programs, whether it be Keto, low-fat, or an intermittent format of fasting, is the higher intake of vegetables, less intake of sugar, and the preference on whole foods. Satisfying these three requirements have proven effective in yielding positive results for losing weight. However, experts have also pointed out that one common obstacle to a successful weight loss plan is the unwillingness of a participant to make some changes, be it on their lifestyle or their diet.

Still, experts are keen on sharing these three tips for an effective weight-loss plan. 

First, a person looking to lose some weight should come to terms with eating more vegetables. According to experts, vegetables commonly have low-calorie content but are high in fiber content. Vegetables also boast a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Still, surveys have revealed that for every 10 Americans only one would be able or willing to meet the daily vegetable intake requirement. Dietitians are suggesting to try a different recipe when deciding to eat the same vegetables for a few days in a week. For example, cauliflower can be steamed and drizzled with Low-fat butter or it could be crushed and served as a rice substitute.

The second step is the more common "less intake of sugar". According to experts, this could be the most challenging as having a sweet tooth could be difficult to curb. A survey has revealed that 19 teaspoons of added sugars per day are being consumed by most Americans as compared to the recommendation of the American Heart Association, which is only six teaspoons a day for women and nine for men. Experts wanted to point out that some are confused by different nomenclature. For example, cane juice, fruit juice concentrate, and maple syrup are all sugars as well.

Lastly, experts are recommending a higher consumption of whole foods. These are whole fruits, beans, vegetables, seeds, eggs, meat, nuts, whole grains, chicken, and seafood instead of frozen pizza, ice cream, and potato chips. Experts have pointed out that weight gain has long been linked to the consumption of overly processed foods. Meanwhile, the fiber in whole foods helps fill up the appetite of a person, therefore aiding in weight loss.

Still, no matter how intricate or simple a diet plan is, the main factor that can make it successful is the determination of the person who is taking up the challenge.

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